Mohammed Aslam, III RD BBA

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my CA Victoria College. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.

Bilal Al Miyany, IIIrd BBA Airline & Airport Management

I am delighted to be a part of victoria family. Victoria college not only focuses on studies but also extra curricular activities. It gives me opportunities to take part in both cultural and sports activities, it helps me to elaborate my skills.


I am MEGHA MANOJ from sharjah indian school. I joined victoria in the beginning of 11th grade. I really like this institution because he teaching here is really amazing. The teachers create a friendly atmosperewhich makes learning interesting and enjoyable . victoria has provided me a lot of support whch has helped me a lot in performing well at school. They have taught me that learning is not about learning for exams but to achive knowledge and expand our knowledge. their entrance classes has helped me lear new tricks nad has made my school portions a lot easier. thankyou victoria.


Learning in Victoria Institution is a very amazing experience.We get endless learning opportunities if we show initiative. The institution values changed my vision about my career.I am very inspired by the movements that promote peer learning and observation.Enthusiastic teachers of Victoria helped to boost my confidence.I could differentiate rights and wrongs with the help of my faculties.Attending competitive exams were always alarming to me. But Victoria has changed my point of view. Studying with a group of prodigious experts is a lifetime experience for all students. To me Victoria is always a definition to victory.


My name is Joel and I am studying in grade 10 at DPS, Sharjah. I have joined Victoria institute recently and I like it. I have first heard about Victoria institute by a recommendation. I have attended a trial class and I have been introduced to the new environment and teaching methods. Here they not only help to make school topics easier, they also go beyond the school topics and teach a level above. They also help to broaden and sharpen our thinking skills and also to think outside the box. They groom us so that we would be able to clear competitive exams like 11T-JEE. I have also developed a great interest in science and math's after I have started attending the classes. I, thus, have the institution and teaching methods.


I am Vandith Reddy from DPS, Sharjah, studying in grade 10'. I got to know about Victoria through recommendations and attended a demo class. I was impressed by the way the teachers taught school concepts at higher levels and how to do it quickly. They teach you the concepts and also its applications. They also prepare you for future entrance exams. Although, they do not provide school support, they can if when required. All the teachers are very approachable and easy to ask doubts too. The course allows you to write competitive exams well.


I am JUSTIN GEORGE of class 100 studying in DPS Sharjah. I have not attended any form of coaching or tuitions before Victoria as I am able to cope with the school portions easily. Victoria was recommended to me by my fellow classmate who had started attending these classes. Based on his opinions I decided to attend a demo class at the center. I was very impressed by the teaching styles and methods and was quite happy with the overall outcome of the class. And from then , I started to attend Victoria. Victoria has helped me to focus and understand my concepts clearly. Their teachers are the most well informed. Victoria has helped me to achieve success and I greatly thank them for it.


My name is Aadi. I am a student of DPS , Sharjah studying in grade 10. I joined this institution in 9th grade. I was referred this coaching from the seniors of my school. I had gone for the demo class and was thoroughly impressed by the teaching style and techniques. Thus I decided to join the coaching. Here they don't only help us to cope up with school studies but also teach us a lot, which will help us in the competitive exams and future grades. The teachers are very flexible and ambitious, and are ready to teach a single concept multiple times, till we understand. They are ready to take as many extra classes that is necessary. Victoria has helped me to understand my concepts clearly. They also take extra classes for exam time revision. I would recommend it to all my friends.

Natasha Cunningham, 3rd year BBA(aviation)

"Since the first moment I came into Victoria college I was met with nothing but positive energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this institution are top rate. They all want their students to do well. This college has so many opportunities to offer to its students , one can explore and develop their skills to their best at Victoria .The faculty members are very kind and generous, and can be approached anytime. This college keeps the student first .Victoria is committed to provide a healthy learning platform for those who seek knowledge. Victoria also encourages students to take part in arts and sports activities and help one develop their skills and talents .I believe it is a privilege to come to this college and I am so glad I made that decision.”

Ram Ganesh V,

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my CA Victoria College. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.